Friday, December 18, 2009

Obama Arrives in Copenhagen: Last Day of Climate Talks

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U.S. President Barak Obama this morning arrived at the Copenhagen for the crucial final talks at the climate summit. He will later meet with the Danish Premier and other world leaders at the summit.

With today being the last day of the summit, observers think that the US and China are the most significant nations as far as the talks are concerned.

Sources confirm that the negotiators have been working throughout the night to come to a deal. It is still however not clear whether there can be an agreement by the close of today, though there are some optimistic views. One of the main issues still remaining a debate is how concrete the money deal between the developed and developing nations will be. If the developed are to pay the $100 billion annually to 2020 to developing countries (to fight climate change), one can definitely be sure of how much say the developed would want to have in terms of how the monies would be used, and how much of such influence the developing nations would be willing to allow.

It is however important to note that a deal of any sort today is better than nothing at all.

Deal or No Deal?  We'll find out sooner.

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