Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copenhagen Police Clash with Climate Protesters

Information from the Danish capital indicate that some angry protesters who were attempting to break into the conference building and disrupt the talks have clashed with the police.

The police had to fire tear gas into the angry protesters to disperse them, a few of whom had broken through the barricades outside the Bella Centre, (the cconference centre).

Acording to Yahoo News, officers also had to use dogs, truncheons and pepper spray to push back the protesters and have arrested at least 230 people.

These protests come amidst divided factions at the conference, where the developed and the developing nations seem to be at two extreme ends of the world on an agreement. While the developing countries are calling for higher sums from their developed counterparts, there is no indication that the developed nations are in such a "money releasing mood".

In a related news, the UN President, Ban Ki-moon, has chided the negotiating countries at the talks for what he describes as "pointing of fingers" by the negotiators. He urged them to resolve their differences and warned of how big a mistake it would be to leave the decision to the world leaders who arrive later this week.

As the clock ticks towards the end of the summit we ask ourselves: Where are these talks going? Can there be a deal? What do the world leaders bring to the table?

Friday the 18th will tell. Related articles by Zemanta

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