Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to Reduce Domestic Waste

Do you know remember what Uncle Atta said when he visited the Upper East Region?  - well that's if you an an "environmental ear" to hear in the first place-. Our President said:

"I have gone round during the last two days, and the sight that has greeted me has been most unwelcome. The sight of polythene bags here, polythene bags there, polythene bags everywhere".
And then he added by beginning with his usual cliché,
"My brothers and sisters, we have to take care of our environment".

Does it bother you that there is so much waste around. A friend of mine said: Once upon a time in Ghana, if you found a black polythene bag on the ground, which you rarely did, there was a high chance of finding some coins or goodies in it. Nowadays, if you see one, please FLEEEE, because you have a higher chance of picking up human excreta. Now that's not nice.

So what are we sharing today. While closing my last post I promised to share with you how we can reduce domestic waste. So that's just what I will do. Twenty points for us all....

  1. Replace disposable cups and plastics with reusable ones
  2. Replace disposable alkaline batteries with rechargeable batteries
  3. Donate still useful items to charitable groups, you may not be using them, and you will be blessed too!
  4. Maximize the life of electrical appliances by performing regular maintenance
  5. Do you drive? Keep tires inflated, they'll last longer and your car will pollute less
  6. Repair and refinish well-used furniture
  7. Maintain your property, goods, and stuff--they will last  longer
  8. Reuse wrapping paper to re-wrap or line shelves and drawers
  9. Bring a "no garbage" lunch to work or school, using reusable containers, bags, and a thermos
  10. Dry clothing on clothesline instead of using a gas or electric dryer
  11. Buy what you need, use what you buy
  12. Repair durable goods instead of dumping them when they fail
  13. Be water smart; install low-flow plumbing fixtures
  14. Make note pads out of print overruns, computer printouts, outdated forms and stationery
  15. Print and copy on both sides of the paper
  16. Buy the large size of items you use often
  17. Going to shop? Take a re-usable bag
  18. Turn your computer monitor off when leaving for more than an hour
  19. Look for durability in products you buy and use, not just lower price
  20. Pass this list on to someone else!!!!

He who has an environmental ear, let him hear what My Green Piece of Mind shares! Ciao

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