Friday, May 20, 2011

Fantastic Environmental Music Video by Wanlov The Kubolor - For The River

Not the official lyrics - my version!
Abi we day speak pidgin? Ok, make we go..

Dis b de korus

I wan go bof......For the river...
I wan hold my hand up..........for the river
But eno dey anymore for the river
e full of borla, e turn to gutter.........

*Now make u feel the borla rap - eday b kɛkɛ

I dey kae de way den we dey swim
For the rivers plus wanna friends
After den we dey fetch water
Take go cook den we dey chop better
But somtin happen.....
Plastics come...
Rivers turns into drastic dumps
Sewage and electronic waste
Sweet river, kai, toxic taste.


River Pra.....emu ayɛ fȋȋ
River ƆdƆ,... ewo mudzi
River Volta....ɛmɛ [f]odi
River Densu.....very nasty

Oh wanna rivers, I dey wonder how we go survive


I say I wan go boff for the river..


#Wanvlov, @museke, we need more of these. Ghanaians we need a change of attitude!
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